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Fall 2017 Semester Wrap up

The Boulder Chapter of the AWM began its second year lead by president Sabina Altus (Applied Mathematics), vice president Krisztina Dearborn (Mathematics), and faculty advisor Dr. Danielle Lyles (Applied Mathematics). Our primary objective for the fall semester was community outreach. 


The AWM facilitated an undergraduate research seminar with the aim to encourage undergraduate students to participate in research opportunities both on campus and around Boulder. Speakers included Dr. Salvi Asefi (UCAR), Barbara Brown (NCAR), Professor Eric Vance (Applied Mathematics/Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis), Professor Alaa Ahmed (Integrative Physiology), as well as graduate students Amy DeCastro (Geography), and Michelle Maiden (Applied Mathematics). The organization also had the honor of hosting two visitors: Professor Gunilla Kreiss who researches Numerical Analysis as a part of the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University and Dr. Kristian Lum the Lead Statistician for the Human Rights Data Analysis Group. To conclude a successful fall semester the AWM organized a joint study session for undergraduates in Calculus 1, 2, 3 as well as Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. 


The spring semester holds more in store for the growing organization. In addition to a welcome happy hour, continued meetings of the undergraduate research seminar, and a joint discussion panel with WiSE, graduate student Zofia Stanley (Applied Mathematics) has organized a mentorship program connecting graduate student mentors who are motivated to facilitate a strong community among small groups of undergraduates. Through this mentorship opportunity graduate students Suzanne Craig (Mathematics) and Amanda Hampton (Applied Mathematics) will be working with Calculus 1 and 2 level students regularly throughout the semester. 

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